The Film Actors Studio Charlotte

 Film Actors' Studio Charlotte, (FASt) was created in 1997 with the mission of offering the novice and professional actor instruction in authentic acting techniques. While many disciplines anchor their instruction in the doctrine of fiction, FASt holds true to the belief that the most powerful performances are always based on the exploration and utilization of the truth. Over 4500 students have taken class at FASt since its inception making it one of the most successful actor training grounds in the Southeast.

about us

Film Actors' Studio of Charlotte is an acting-training studio geared for working adults (18+) that's been offering instruction by noted local acting coach, director and university instructor Lon Bumgarner since 1997.  We train actors in specific, authentic techniques that result in true and moving presence, on camera or stage.  Roots of this original technique are derived from Stanislovski, with augmentation based on our broad experience. This training delves into what YOU have to bring to the role.  No gimmicks, no quickies.  You will learn how to work, and how to make the technique work for you.  

Individual Focus 

Studio, the ongoing, invitation-only advanced class focusing on independent scene selection with presentation on Sunday evenings, offers those serious about achieving sensitivity and true impact in film acting a weekly, informal yet focused, individualized coaching forum.  Instruction by FAST founder Lon Bumgarner, with supporting instruction by Marilyn Carter, two of the most knowledgeable veterans in the region.  It is here, with warm encouragement from fellow students, and keenly targeted & insightful instruction, that the greatest advances for a student usually take place.  Foundations for this growth are created in the technique studied in the prior classes, Subtext and Technique. Any prospective parties are invited to come audit the Advanced Studio class for a glimpse of FAST instruction in its advanced environment.   



Our instructors have multiple degrees from some of the top institutions for theatre and film; 85 years’ combined experience in the film and theater business on both coasts, practical experience in New York and LA as well as North Carolina. Want to see a resume? Here you are!

FASt is committed to fostering your sense of well-being, security and safety while exploring this complex art form; and do so with a sense of humor and accessible personalities. You’ll find a warmly encouraging place in which to learn to relax and call on your creative impulses.

Technique taught at FAST   

The FIlm Actors' Studio technique has been developed by Lon Bumgarner, with the other instructors, to include classic styles drawing from the Stanislavski school, direct observation in the filmmaking industry, and experience in the classroom and in stage directing for over 35 years.  It enhances theatrical acting but is specific to film in terms of teaching ‘Truth;” i.e. the underlying truth in an actor that the camera will pick up and reveal.

Watch a sample of our teaching below:

Lon Bumgarner of The Film Actors Studio Charlotte on Authentic Acting