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Before you write out that long email with your question or bother to attach a script, a resume, a reel, a dream journal etc. Check out the frequently asked questions below to get an answer!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

We hold our classes at Corrigan and Johnston Casting Office in the NoDa neighborhood of Charlotte, NC.  The physical address is 3006 North Davidson Street, Charlotte, NC 28205. It is a fantastic renovated mill house from the 1920s that is right across from the Johnston YMCA. There is a gravel parking lot up the steep driveway in the back and loads of street parking as well.


Can I rent this space from you? |  What are your office hours?

Apologies but no! We rent the studio space on non-business hours from the lovely & talented owners of Corrigan & Johnston Casting! This means we do not own this space, have office hours or receive mail there. We have a mobile “office” which means you can reach us at anytime via our phone line, email address or even our Facebook page! We also have a PO Box should you need to mail us something!

Are you hiring? Do you have internships? Are you an accredited school?

No, We are a small operation with 4-5 instructors, two of whom only teach occasionally. We have a manager and camera operator and that’s all. Because of our small size we do not offer internships or any other outside accreditation opportunities. We are simply a small business.

Are there age or experience requirements?

No experience required but we are 18 years & older only. We offer a variety of specialized ‘topics’ classes that change and evolve from time to time but generally our acting courses fall into 3 distinct steps. This system is broken up into Subtext, Technique and Studio. Our “Level 1” class is called Subtext. This class is great for students with no experience, who just have some curiosity, to those who have been training less than two years. This is generally our only prerequisite. Subtext is all about foundational lessons and the language a professional uses to learn, understand and master the lessons. Think of it as learning what to call colors and shapes before you start painting. For a more in-depth breakdown of what the levels of classes are and the topics courses, you can check out their individual pages.

Do you offer classes for kids or teens?

Unfortunately, we do not. All of our classes and workshops are 18 years & up. We are geared towards adult education and some of the scene work can be pulled from scripts that are mature in nature. There are some great resources in the Charlotte, NC metro-area such as:

Childrens Theater Charlotte https://www.ctcharlotte.org/Online/default.asp

Acting Out Studios http://www.actingoutstudio.com

Central Piedmont Community College Summer Theater https://www.cpcc.edu

And our very own instructor Marilyn Carter. She does work with young students in the Charlotte, NC area on an individual basis. She can be contacted via email at McarterLH@yahoo.com.  

Do you offer private coaching and lessons?

We no longer offer private coaching due to such limited availability of our instructors.

I have acting experience; can I skip a class level?

If you are completely new student to us we like to start at the same place with everyone, meaning Subtext. We understand at least half of our new students already have some kind of experience and may be working actors or have a background of training. That being said, if you are enrolled in Subtext and the instructor feels that you should be in another class they will work that out with you personally. 

 Can I audit a class?

Yes! We allow prospective and current students who are not enrolled/have never been enrolled in our Studio class to come in and check out our Studio class once. And only once! Sorry! This gives people a better understanding of the type of environment and coaching that we work towards in our other classes.These classes are always on Sunday evenings so please shoot us an email to let us know when you would like to come! 

 Can you tape my audition?

No. We do not offer that service right now, but the casting studio does! You can email CJCASTING@GMAIL.COM with "Self-Tape" in the subject line to schedule your appointment. Their pricing is $25.00 per 15-minutes and they assure you a professional looking video with great light, sound and an experienced casting director to guide you!

 I missed some classes; are there refunds or rollover credits? Can I sign up for fewer classes?

No, we hold the class in your absence and know that your scene partner missed you! All sales are final and we can only provide a refund if the entire class is cancelled altogether or if you notify us ahead of time that you will not be able to attend any of the classes in the session. Film Actors Studio Charlotte does not allow drop-ins or pay-as-you-go single classes. We also do not allow students to register for a smaller number of classes than are in the standard 8-week session or provide a prorated tuition.

Are there payment plans? 

Due to collection issues in the past, we typically no longer allow partial payments during registration. Film Actors Studio Charlotte accepts all major credit cards, certified checks and cash as payment.

I’m casting a project and looking for actors…

If you would like to get the word out to our students about your project please post the breakdown and contact information on our Facebook here. If the post is too large please email the breakdown to us and we will post it on the website for you. We can not give out any individual students’ contact information so it is best that they contact you directly with their interest in the project.

When does the next class start? Cost?

Please check the Classes page or Calendar for all current & scheduled future class dates. If it’s not up yet, it’s not confirmed yet or is a specialty workshop or occasionally offered class then please let us know you are interested in taking the class so we can get a session scheduled!

Do you offer Giftcards?

Yes, please click the gift card link here for that information!

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Class Location: 3006 North Davidson Street, Charlotte, NC 

All FASt classes are held evenings and weekends in an intimate studio setting in the offices of Corrigan & Johnston Casting Agency,  in the NoDa neighborhood of Charlotte, North Carolina.  

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