Saturday Audition Bootcamp

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Saturday Audition Bootcamp


Upcoming Date: Saturday August 3rd, 2019

When: 10AM-7PM

*Break from 2-3PM

Tuition: $280.00

Where: Corrigan & Johnston Casting Studio in NoDA

Feeling rusty in auditions? Not booking those gigs?  Want to boost your confidence in call backs?  From local theater try-outs to commercial auditions, we got you covered.

Learning to enjoy the audition process is important. Join us for this intensive workshop and do 10-12 mock "try outs" in twelve hours (two takes per script, with on-screen analysis).  Genial, detailed instruction on technique, as well as insight into the 'back end' of the audition process, from the producer of over sixty commercials and films will show you how to better your auditions for commercials, indies, industrials, and big budget motion pictures.  

Work with 10-12 real industry scripts that cover the gamut of potential audition scenarios for stage, industrial, film and TV; you’ll audition on-camera, twice for each script, with on-screen review and discussion between each (watching your classmates’ as well as your own)— all auditions are recorded on a flash drive for you to take home for additional review. Waiting room etiquette, coming in with confidence, energy and choices that will show them who you are as a performer!

This workshop is fast-paced, dynamic and fun.  Bring a flash drive to capture your coaching and improvement! 



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